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Advanced Clinical Seminar: Fall, Winter, Spring 2022-23

Expanding Psychodynamic Sensibility and Deepening Our Clinical Work with Patients

Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society and MPSI Psychotherapy Center

The Challenge for us as clinicians working within a psychodynamic sensibility is to integrate new insights, theories and clinical techniques as our field expands and grows. In this course we will use case presentations to explore how to deepen clinical work. Readings will augment our learning, but the focus will be on case material and the processes that facilitate change both in the patient and the treating clinician. We will share how the contemporary interest in embodied experience, presence, authenticity, and creative engagement are impacting clinical work. An integrative model drawing on multiple psychodynamic theories will also be presented.

Faculty: Hal Steiger, PhD. LP. FABP is a psychoanalyst in Private Practice in Minneapolis. He is a graduate of the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Institute and a past President of the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society and the Society for Psychoanalytic Studies. He is a Fellow of the American Board of Psychoanalysis and founder and Co-Clinical Director of the MPSI Psychotherapy Center which offers low fee psychoanalytic psychotherapy to underserved populations. This course is part of an ongoing personal journey to integrate psychoanalytic theories and technical approaches into a coherent framework. Hopefully it will help those who participate deepen their clinical work and aid in unlocking the transformative power of psychodynamic psychotherapy for both patient and analytic practitioner alike.

Faculty: Ingrid Tucci, LPCC is a psychodynamic psychotherapist with special interest in dissociation, trauma, and primitive mental states. She is especially curious about how using our authentic selves, embodied experience, spontaneity, and our own dissociated states can deepen therapeutic work. She works from a relatively dialectical state of mind, with doubt and conviction in regular exchange. She is excited to develop these ideas with colleagues and to experience authenticity and spontaneity as we explore this turbulent work. 

Schedule: Thursdays from 5:30 – 7:00 for eight sessions per trimester. Fall Semester starts October 6, 2022, and ends December 1, 2022. No meeting Thanksgiving week.

Application Due September 21, 2022. Space is limited

Tuition:                 MPS Member :   $290.00/trimester or $700.00/entire course

                                    Non-Member:    $375.00/trimester or $900.00/entire course

Platform: ZOOM 

CEU’s available

Requirements: Participants must be currently working with patients and have clinical experience. This course is designed for clinicians who approach clinical work from many different directions with at least moderate experience and have a psychoanalytic sensibility. Ideally you should have had coursework in psychodynamic psychotherapy such as the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program (PPTP) or other psychodynamic learning or supervision experiences and an understanding of basic psychodynamic theory and technique. The syllabus relies heavily on PEP Web. So, you will need access to it.

FYI: PEP Web is the world’s largest data base of analytic journals and a significant library of books and videos. It is included with membership in the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society or at a reduced fee to members of the American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work. For membership in MPS and PEP Web subscription contact Heidi Holste, MPSI Executive Director at  Getting MPS membership and PEP Web is a process that takes some time, so if you are interested in this Advanced Clinical Seminar start the process now.

We welcome your inquiries and any questions you have about this Seminar.

Application Form 

MPSI Meeting Confidentiality Statement 

For further information contact Hal Steiger or Ingrid Tucci


Expanding Psychodynamic Sensibility and Deepening Our Clinical Work with Patients

The Mission of Crosscurrents is to provide programs highlighting new developments in psychodynamic thinking and practice. We are a joint project of the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society and MPSI Psychotherapy Center. The name – Crosscurrents – reflects our understanding that human growth and development is constantly moving and ever expanding in scope, complexity, and integration. Unlike a river that flows directionally and follows a deliberate path, we recognize that what we prefer to call a psychodynamic sensibility involves turbulence as new ideas enter the gathering waters of accumulated wisdom that constitutes our psychodynamic history. Crosscurrents is dedicated to presenting programs that explore the creative flow, confluences and inevitable collisions of competing theories and technical approaches both within and outside the traditional frame.

“The ability to sit with, to contain, to join, to understand and to intervene with such patients is an art form and conjures up a Winnicottian willingness to accompany the patient on a journey into unbearable agony. Doing this kind of work requires courage and a willingness to be open, to be vulnerable and to tolerate not knowing.”

“A therapist with a psychodynamic sensibility does not need to have experienced the patient's trauma. But they must be willing to open a space within themselves that welcomes the patient's traumatic experience and with it all the traumatic experiences the therapist has personally faced and carries. Patients will not go where we fear to go ourselves.”

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