'I do not wish to arouse conviction; I wish to stimulate thought and to upset prejudices.'

— Sigmund Freud

Past & Current Fellows

2009 - 2010 Fellows

Nancy Zalusky Berg, attorney, specializes in family law. She is working with mentors Virginia McDermott, PhD and Judith Savage, MSW on developing best practices for legal professionals working with the disruptive and controlling behaviors of personality-disordered parents in marriage dissolution and post-dissolution proceedings. Particularly, she is focusing on issues related to children.

Jacqueline B. Fletcher, writer, is working with mentors Steve Clarke, MD and Margaret Fulton, PhD on how to use psychoanalytic ideas to help women who are dealing with the powerful emotional demands of being a stepmother through her website, blog and podcast.

Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, writer, is working with mentors David Gordon, MSW and Lissa Peterson, MSW on the psychological demands of the revision process in writing. She is preparing a book on the subject and would like to use psychoanalytic ideas to deepen her understanding of defenses and the rewards of revision.

Kate St. Vincent Vogel, writer, is working with mentors Jeanne Bailey, MD and Elise Sanders, MSW. She is exploring the vicissitudes of fear so that she can deepen the characters she develops in both short and long fiction.

2008-2009 Fellows

Douglas Carolus, Director of Operations for a telecommunications company that works with Fortune 500 companies, worked with mentors David Stagner, MD and Valerie Golden, JD and PhD. He focused on how the avoidance of conflict in his company, and between his company and its customers, undermines outcomes.

Kathleen Newman, family lawyer, worked with mentors Virginia McDermott, PhD and Hal Steiger, PhD on how to understand the emotional pressures clients place on their attorneys during the divorce process. She focused on repetition, enactment and projective identification. 

Spenser D. Simrill, Dean of St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, worked with mentors Margaret Fulton, PhD and Robert Werner, MD on understanding conflict at all levels of the organization. He focused on relational themes of authenticity and co-creation.

Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman worked with mentors Michael Moore, MD and Elise Sanders, MSW on how to apply psychodynamic principals to work more effectively with families and individuals in crisis.