When the joy of doubt goes and people are gripped by certainty they become mad.

— King & Steiner

"The Freud-Klein Controversies" 1992

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As a constituent Society of the American Psychoanalytic Association, the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society (MPS) is a professional organization comprised of individuals interested in the study, practice, research, education, and other applications of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. 

Activities of the Society include:

  • Outreach to the professional community through monthly seminars, weekly classes, and process groups
  • The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program, lectures, and discussion groups.  
  • Promotion and support for the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Institute, a training facility dedicated to training future Psychoanalysts. 
  • Community services for a low fee to individuals and agencies


Member Benefits

As a member of MPS, you will receive early notification to a variety of lectures, study groups and seminars on psychoanalytic thinking, and invitations to participate in ongoing educational opportunities. You will be welcomed to participate with the Society by serving on committees which promote psychoanalytic thinking in the community. 

All members of the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society are given access to the American Psychoanalytic Association’s PEPweb, which offers you Internet access to search, research, read, and print papers for your personal educational use.  Read more about this benefit.

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Annual MPS membership dues are $125 Affiliate and $500 for Full Members who have completed psychoanalytic training. Additional Student and other memberships are also available.


Please contact the MPSI Administrator at (612) 200-4141 or info@mpsi.info for more information about MPS membership or to request an application.