When the joy of doubt goes and people are gripped by certainty they become mad.

— King & Steiner

"The Freud-Klein Controversies" 1992

Psychoanalytic Training: Faculty

Minnesota Psychoanalytic Institute Instructors

MPI Faculty

* indicates Training and Supervising Analyst:
**Indicates Candidate co-instructor

Helen Anthony, PhD
Jeanne Bailey, MD*
Mary Boehlke, PhD, LP
Deborah Boughton, MD*
Clare Buntrock, PhD
Steven Clarke, MD*
Laurie Curtis, MSW, LICSW
Chuck Cutler, PhD, LP
Margaret Fulton, PhD, LP
Hilde Gasiorowicz, MSW, LICSW
Anne Gearity, PhD, LICSW
Aviel Goodman, MD
David Gordon, MSW, LICSW*
Peter Grant, PhD, LP*
Robert Guibord, PsyD, LP
Nancy Lawroski, PhD**
Joan Lentz, PhD, LP* 
Gloria Burgess Levin, PsyD, LP
Virginia McDermott, PhD, LP*
Juliann Miller, MA
Mike Moore, MD*
Pamela Netzel, MD
J. Kirby Ogden, PhD, LP
Paul O'Hara, MA**
Charles Peterson, PhD
Catherine Phibbs, MSW
Don Rahe, PhD, LP**
Elise Sanders, MSW, LICSW
Jan Search, MSW
David Stagner, MD*
Hal Steiger, PhD, LP*
Robert Werner, PhD, MD