Fellowship in Applied Psychoanalysis

Apply for the Fellowship in Applied Psychoanalysis

The Fellowship in Applied Psychoanalysis is an academic honor awarded to individuals in a variety of fields. Past fellows have worked in the arts, law, clergy, business, academia, politics and medicine. 

Fellows are often chosen because they have achieved positions of leadership in their fields. We also award fellowships based on someone’s interest in applying psychoanalytic thought to contemporary problems linked to their professional work. Fellowships last approximately one year. 


Each Fellow is matched with two mentors who have had advanced psychoanalytic training and are highly knowledgeable in psychoanalytic principles. Mentors offer their competence not as teachers but as co-participants in a shared and stimulating learning process. 

Mentors are matched with Fellows based on their expertise in the Fellow's area of interest. Also, mentors may choose to work with a Fellow because they are genuinely excited about the subject matter about which the Fellow will focus. Fellowships generally continue for one year, during which time fellows and mentors meet on a monthly basis.  

How to apply

The application for the Fellowship in Applied Psychoanalysis includes basic professional information. You will also be asked to describe the area of interest you would like to explore as a Fellow. 

Request an Application

To request an application or for more information, please contact:

Hal Steiger, PhD
(612) 824-2619