“Knowledge is gained by learning; trust by doubt; skill by practice; and love by love.”

— Thomas S. Szasz

MPSI Psychotherapy Center Clinical Fellowships

The MPSI Psychotherapy Center sponsors a Clinical Fellowship for psychotherapists passionate about their work and committed to developing their skills as psycho-dynamically informed clinicians. 

Clinical Fellows may be recent graduates accumulating hours toward licensure or mid-career therapists who want to deepen their clinical skills. The Clinical Fellowship is designed to be a half-time position although a full time option can be considered.  Clinical Fellows donate 12-15 hours of direct therapy per week. In return they receive at no cost an immersion in psychodynamic learning consisting of weekly individual and group supervision, classes in the Two-Year Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program and access to 16 weeks of Process and Technique Groups.

In addition, Clinical Fellows become members of the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society and receive the benefit of PEPWEB (a web-based resource that includes many pertinent psychoanalytic journals and seminal works).  

Clinical Fellowships are awarded each year for a one year appointment beginning in the fall. Applications are taken at any time throughout the year and reviewed beginning each spring.

Selection Criteria

The MPSI Psychotherapy Center’s clinical fellowship is open to therapists who have demonstrated a commitment to academic and clinical excellence. Applicants must have a minimum of a Masters Degree and possess personal maturity, integrity and be committed to the highest level of personal and professional ethical standards and practices. Applicants should be intensely interested in developing skills and understanding of psychoanalytic theory. Although a background in psychoanalytic thinking and practice is not necessary, previous experience with psychodynamic learning is desirable. 

Application includes letters of reference and at least one face to face interview with the selection committee. Each applicant will be asked to share a clinical example of their work with a client (disguised to protect confidentiality) to help assess the applicants level of clinical sophistication and to assure that the applicant’s clinical direction and developmental needs are consistent with the MPSI Fellowship.

Request an Application

To request an application packet, contact: 

Hal Steiger, PhD, LP
(612) 824-2619